B-Station Korean Restaurant and Cafe at Ampang

Post by Hinika on 30th June 2012 , Mandy Birthday Celebration

Location: Station B Cafe, Ampang

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  1. Hinika says:

    Happy Birthday My Love <3

  2. bendan says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mandy!! (Belated right?)

    It’s so beautiful, both her and the place. May I know where is it?? XD

  3. Hinika says:

    haha yea her birthday was 27th June~ Its B-Station on Ampang :)

  4. chanwon says:

    happy birthday darling babe Mandy <3 stay sweet

  5. STeve says:

    Hi may i know you using FF or Crop and what lens you using? I like your style :)

  6. hinika says:

    thanks chanwon~
    Steve im using d700+35mm:)

  7. yuki says:

    Can ask Mandy to do a make up tutorial ?
    Her make up is sooooo nice…

  8. Careen says:

    This is so sweet :) )

  9. Azrul says:

    amazing picture..how you make the color look like that?

  10. Xavier says:

    <3 . <3 nice ~~

  11. Cutter says:

    Really nice photo

  12. sydney says:

    aww you guys are so lucky to blessed with happiness!

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